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The more women we have in cardiology, the more women who can help advocate for and care for other women and minorities.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the world. In fact, almost half of all U.S. adults have some form of cardiovascular disease. Women and minorities, who are disproportionally affected, face poorer outcomes because of underdiagnosis and undertreatment.

Female leadership within healthcare has been shown to positively impact access to and quality of care. We believe more women and minorities in cardiology and ascending to leadership roles will have a tremendous impact on improving care and clinical outcomes not only for women and minorities, but for all patients.

A New Beat is aimed at promoting the career development of female and minority clinicians in cardiology so that they can provide better access to better care for all patients, especially underserved populations. It serves as a community and resource for women and minorities in the medical field who are interested in advancing their careers while improving patient outcomes.


A New Beat

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